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Let’s face it.  Dealing with air can be one of the least satisfying parts of your overall travel experience.  Finding the best routes and fares online often feels like an eternity. Forget about trying to apply mileage rewards or member benefits in a hard-to-reach part of the world.  If you do try, bring a sandwich, because you’re going to be on hold forever.  And then, when the unthinkable happens, weather delays or oversold flights threaten to ruin your itinerary….what are your options? 

  • Call a number from the Internet website you booked through.  Good luck finding it from the air and getting an actual person on the phone who can help you from the plane.  
  • Ask the flight attendant if he/she can ask the captain to make a phone call on your behalf.  
  • Wait in the extremely long line at the airport, along with your fellow passengers who also booked their air through an online consolidator, while flight after flight fill up.  
  • Call or email our Air Concierge team, who is already monitoring your flights, from the airplane so they can get started rebooking your party immediately.
What Are Air Concierge Services?

We created an Air Concierge Services team so travelers with active bookings made through Admiral Travel International can purchase the best air through an advocate – a professional, with insider knowledge who can seamlessly adapt to airline challenges and get better results for travelers en route. 

Why Charge A Fee for Air Concierge Services?

Time and Research
Because the airlines do not pay commission to travel advisors, but the knowledge and experience of working with different carriers, understanding a multitude of changing rewards programs and recommending the best routes is valuable.   That time isn’t free.  

Direct Contact
We provide two cell phone numbers to carry with you as back up in the very likely event that the airline will delay or cancel your flights, lose your luggage or sell your seats to someone else.

24/7 Availability
This is not a call center we outsource.  A member of our Air Concierge team will actually see your email or pick up the phone to assist you when you reach out for assistance.

AIR CONCIERGE SERVICE Fees for Purchased Tickets

Actual fees may vary slightly due to specific nature of the service you request. Please contact our
Air Specialists for a quote by calling 941.951.1801 or email your request to


  • Individual/Couple $40 per person
  • Family (4 or more) $125 total


  • Individual/Couple $50 per person
  • Family (4 or more) $150 total

Frequent Flyer Tickets (UPGRADE)

  • Domestic $125 PER PERSON
  • International $200 PER PERSON
  •  Domestic or International -   we ask for a 50% upfront research fee to get started. After that fee has been charged and you have been presented with your option, if the traveler asks for a revision an additional $50 fee  will apply. Each Revision after that will be charged an additional $25. 


Air Service Request

Ready to Book?
Please review our fee structure and Terms & Conditions below. Then email us at and a member of our Air Concierge team will contact you within 24 hours to begin researching your request.

Terms & Conditions: By clicking, the user agrees to authorize a nonrefundable payment of 50% of the estimated service fee, charged to the customer’s credit card on file. Taxes and the balance of service fees will be charged once a ticket is issued.

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