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As Seen Through Taryn Daley's eyes

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Our very own travel designer Taryn Daley tells her "Tales of the River" and gives an insiders look into her experience on the Amazon including some of her favorite photos from the adventure: 

Taryn’s Review of the Amazon

What I loved about visiting the Peruvian Amazon what that it was the perfect combination of my two favorite pastimes – being on the water and viewing wildlife.  We got up close and personal with all of the icons – Pirhana, Anaconda, pink dolphins, sloths, colorful poisonous frogs and giant lilypads. It was just like being on safari, except on the water.  Instead of safari vehicles, we explored the waterways on skiffs.  Local expert guides not only helped us with animal sightings, but also gave us a greater understanding of the sometimes harsh, and other times remarkable, mysteries of the rainforest.

One of the highlights of this trip was when we went on a “night safari,” as that is when the already beautiful surroundings become almost ethereal.  Things start to get really loud as the nocturnal animals come to life.  The stars are so bright that they cast a reflection on the water.  Fireflies dance along the reeds, which add to the Eden-like setting.

A trip to the Peruvian Amazon is perfect for anyone who loves nature and wildlife, and has a sense of adventure. 

Taryn's review of her Aqua ship on the Amazon 

Living aboard the Aqua Amazon for 3 nights was an amazing experience.  The beauty and luxury of the boat itself was so spectacular, but the warmth and genuine kindness of the staff is what made the experience truly special.  There is only a maximum of 24 guests so individual service and attention was always given. The accommodations are nothing short of fantastic - Comfortable beds, very adequate bathroom facilities including a great shower and excellent housekeeping. The food was always creative and delicious, created by a marvelous Peruvian chef who obviously loves what he does.

The most memorable part of the experience was the three naturalist guides who were intimately familiar with the rivers and jungle.  They were so knowledgeable and personable, their English language skills were perfect, and they were just the smartest and sweetest people.  Each guest had an opportunity to spend time with each of the guides and loved every minute with them.  You know that you have had a special experience when you are actually sad to say goodbye to the people who have been taking care of you. 

If the remote wilderness of the Amazon intrigues you, contact your Admiral Travel advisor to find out how you can experience this wildlife paradise!  


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