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The Hunt for Truffles along the Mirna River Valley


Admiral Travel International Proprietors Ryan and Malaka Hilton recently returned from leading a group of clients on aspecial journey exploring the Splendors of The Adriatic in style! 

One highlight of the trip? Truffle hunting along the Mirna River valley. Ryan provided an insider’s look at the experience:

After docking in Rovinj, Croatia we traveled north by road. The 1 hour 10 minute drive to the Mirna River valley showed us many aspects of rural Croatian agricultural life and a look inside some quaint small towns in gorgeous settings. Shortly after our arrival, the two truffle-hunting dogs were eager to get out into the forest and do some work. Barking and tugging hard on their leashes, they led us into the dense forest on the valley floor. As well-trained, valuable members of a team, the dogs worked energetically with their noses to the ground. We, as visitors, were hard pressed to keep up with them in the tangle of vegetation on the uneven ground. At times on our hands and knees!

In 40 short minutes, the dogs had located and the handler had unearthed 4 large truffles in an impressive showing of the unique skill. The field work was followed by tasting of all things truffle that left us feeling quite satisfied and certainly better educated on how to hunt a truffle and how many edible scenarios the tasty delicacy can be used in. 

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