Around The World With A&K: 2015

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Meet A&K's Founder on a Voyage Around the World

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Around the World at a Glance

Amazon River | Easter Island | Samoa | Papua New Guinea
Bali & Komodo | Sri Lanka | Madagascar | Kenya | Monaco
Abercrombie & Kent's 2015 "Around the World by Private Jet: Islands, Savannas & the Amazon," features a stunning itinerary designed by travel icon Geoffrey Kent, combining some his favorite destinations with exotic locales few travellers ever visit. Venture from the world's mightiest river to its most mysterious islands, from a land where dragons roam to savannas thriving with wildlife, and meet with Geoffrey Kent at an exclusive event in his adopted home of Monaco.
Around the World by Private Jet: Islands, Savannas & the Amazon Trip Highlights
An Exclusive Private Journey Designed by Geoffrey Kent
26 Days | October 12-November 6, 2015 | Limited to 50 guests
Enjoy a true feast for the senses with a special dinner on board your luxury Amazon River cruiser, prepared by rising culinary star Pedro Miguel Schiaffino
Experience an intimate side of Easter Island with a celebratory feast at the home of a noted islander, accompanied by a party of local dignitaries
Indulge in some mid-journey relaxation and pampering in tropical Samoa
Learn the ways of a genuine pre-modern civilization at an encounter with Papua New Guinea's Huli tribe, accompanied by local experts
See one of the world's most remarkable predators — the Komodo dragon, the world's largest lizard — in its natural habitat
Discover Madagascar's rich folkloric tradition when a local storyteller regales you with tales of the island's mythic history
Search for wildlife in Kenya's Masai Mara 
Celebrate the end of your journey in Geoffrey Kent's adopted home of Monaco at an exclusive breakfast with friends of Geoffrey in attendance
$108,000 per person based on double occupancy
Just imagine all of the Membership Exclusives you'll receive for our Travel Connoisseur Club!!
To inquire, call 941.951.1801 or email
Image Courtesy A&K: The Huli People of Papua New Guinea
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