Ashwin Shukla

Ashwin Shukla
A bon vivant and savvy traveler, Ashwin Shukla has seen the world, both by virtue of his professional affiliations and his personal passion.

He has served the hospitality industry from various vantage points, as a flight attendant and inflight service director with 3 major international airlines, including Emirates (during its earliest days, when the patterns of its world-class offering were set by Ashwin and his colleagues). For almost 30 years, he and his wife, Denise, have tickled the palate of scores of loyal customers in Sarasota with the culinary delights of the Middle East and India at their restaurant, Chutney’s.  As a couple, they have been hosts and entertainers at this local landmark.  But travel – and the indulgence in its most luxurious products – has always been a part of Ashwin’s life, and travel he most certainly has: to his native India, the Middle East, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Americas.

His well-rounded career has been a vocation and a calling, and his limitless imagination has resulted in his curation of the finest things from around the globe.   Yet, his restlessness also knows no bounds.  His motto is derived from the advice of the sagest of sage travelers: “I have many journeys unfulfilled in me.”
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