Barbara Fallon, CTC
Affiliate Luxury Travel Consultant

Barbara Fallon, CTC

Barbara is well-traveled herself, having visited most of the continents on the planet. She is a confirmed cruiser, and relates to other travelers who also prefer unpacking only once! She has sailed nearly every river cruise in America, as well as numerous ocean and river cruises throughout the rest of the world.

The South Pacific is her favorite destination, and she's returned many times. "They really enjoy Americans," she says. "It's beautiful country." A couple of years ago, she visited China feeling somewhat apprehensive about how she would take to the Far East. "I enjoyed the Wall, the cities, Shanghai. It really captures your heart. It was a fabulous trip."

Her extensive personal experience on river boats and cruises make Barbara a great resource for little-known side trips and excursions that make a lasting impression. She is an expert at locating the better B&B's in Europe, which are unregulated, and suggesting cruise lines and tours that suit the abilities of her clients.

Barbara speaks from experience when she says," ATI is the most upbeat agency in town. This is a self-assured, successful agency that can produce what the client wants. We stand way ahead of anyone else in terms of the special things we offer and do for our clients."

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