Best Tauck Trip Ever!

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Luxury hotels, great dining and the best sights France had to offer, visiting Normandy, Brittany, Paris and the Loire Valley.  

Unfortunately it was marred by the French reinterpretation of the Normandy invasion.  One French guide told us that the Russians could have taken care of the Germans and won the war without the loss of civilian lives and property in Normandy.  Our English guide at Omaha Beach played down our loss of lives (he then took us to the cemetery where we buried 9,700 young men) and told us how easy the landings were for the English and Canadians on Sword and Juno Beaches.  

That aside, I would recommend this adventure to anyone interested in the history of France from Anne of Brittany and Joan of Arc to present day.  This photo was taken on our farewell dinner cruise on the Seine. 

Joe L.
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