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Journeys with explora are designed to fully immerse in the destination and disconnect from the world beyond.  Minimum stays of three to four nights are recommened at each lodge, during which time guests choose from a variety of activities, experienced in small groups of up to 8 travelers, which are designed to fully explore the region.  Meals are intended to best support your exploration, with a focus on quality ingredients, local flavors and complimented by regional wines.   When not outdoors or on horseback, guests may enjoy the bar, pool, sauna or choose from a variety of massage treatments.
the explora lodges
explora Patagonia is located in the heart of the Torres del Paine National Park, on the shores of Lake Peho√©.  Over the course of stay, guests choose from 50 different guided hikes and horseback rides. All explorations have different difficulty levels ranging from easy to demanding, and different durations, half day or full day.
explora Atacama is located in the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile, known as the driest place on Earth.  The desert rises from the Pacific Ocean to the foothills of the Andes, with the lodge located near the village of San Pedro de Atacama.  Choose from over 40 different guided hikes, bike rides, high mountain ascents and horseback rides, such as Stargazing sessions at the explora observatory, and the Puritama hot springs,  a high mountain ascent of Cerro Toco or a half day bike ride at Piedra de la Coca.
explora Rapa Nui on Easter Island offers an opportunity to explore a rich and distinct culture.  Eighteeen different excursions include a variety of guided hikes, bike rides and fishing and snorkeling explorations - all with a strong focus on archaeology and the region's natural history.  Travelers are enthralled by the guides' perspectives on the Maoi statues as well as the scenery on rides along the coastal platforms and water-based experiences.

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