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Italian Villa Vacation A Perfect Fit for Families

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 Our family decided to redo a trip of 9 years ago, we figured the 3 yr old and 3 month old may appreciate it more at 9 years and 12 years of age. Admiral Travel and Malaka did an amazing job helping us plan the trip. We are not the easiest family as the NYC contingent like everything to be immediate and action packed and the Floridians like to sit back, relax and people watch. 
Somehow the trip pleased both sets of our family! We made many changes to the itinerary while we were in Italy and very much at the last minute...every change was accommodated without hesitation!!  Even though there was a 6 hour time difference Malaka and the team handled the problem and always responsive. I never felt as though I could not communicate with her and Admiral, and I always knew my problem would be solved. 
She planned a beautiful trip and made amazing recommendations. I have learned to always contact Malaka and Admiral whenever I travel...they know the in’s and out’s everywhere (and apparently are respected in the industry because our connections with them gave us some amazing treatment and perks!).
I will never travel without contacting them first. I think I have said it is first class with Admiral. Thank you @Malaka and Admiral...keep up the amazing work (and thank you for putting up with us. It is appreciated).
Lori M.
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