Margery Leedy
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Margery Leedy

A Sarasota native, Margery Leedy graduated from the University of Florida at age 19 with a degree in Psychology, and went to travel school almost on a whim. She had been traveling all her life - her parents brought the kids on summer trips all over the world. As a child, she gained a special fondness for Switzerland because the people were so kind, and London because she loved the double-decker buses.
In 1981 Marge "talked her way into" a job at a travel agency - she managed window displays, delivered tickets and brochures...anything to be around the business and learn it. Through charm, talent, and perseverance she was soon handling major corporate travel across the Gulf Coast for clients such as Tropicana and Donzi. For four years, she managed the first in-house travel agency in the greater Sarasota area at the Nick Bollettieri tennis facility, where young tennis stars from around the world come to live and train.
Though Margery has traveled extensively in Europe, her current passion is, as she lovingly calls it, "the Orient." A couple of years back, Margery visited a friend in Japan, and the two traveled through Asia for three weeks, visiting Hong Kong, Thailand, and neighboring areas. She was amazed to find young elephants in a nightclub in Thailand -right there in the club! That was a delight for Margery, whose love of elephants transcends mere appreciation. "When an elephant looks you in the eye," she says, "It is looking into your soul."
Margery has learned a few tricks as the result of her travels. For example, when you travel to Russia, Margery advises you to bring a bag of hard candy for the bus driver, and gifts of coffee, blue jeans and sample sizes of makeup for hosts. "Sometimes a small token of appreciation can make the difference between a good trip and the trip of a lifetime."
Margery is a full-service travel lifestyle specialist. Recently, Margery helped one client charter a yacht for his family to travel to the Galapagos Islands. She often watches her clients' pets and homes while they are away. Fulfilling requests and being available to help is Margery's specialty, and something she genuinely loves to do. 

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