Michael Distler Among "Top 30 Under 30"

Creation Date November 20, 2009 // Posted in: Featured Articles

Recognized by Travel Agent Magazine


Distler grew up with a passion for travel, and after graduating with a double major in Business Management and Hospitality from Florida State University, he was trained by Admiral Travel’s owners Ryan and Malaka Hilton, both highly regarded specialists for Egypt and Africa, respectively.

“In this economy, many transaction-based agencies have been forced to close their doors, and it is the innovative agents/advisors/specialists that are not only surviving but thriving,” Distler says. “It’s wonderful to be among the innovative that are privileged enough to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences that shape how our travelers view the world around us."

“I love that no two experiences are ever the same,” he says about his business. “With so many options available in the marketplace, it is extremely important to remain knowledgeable and pair each guest with the appropriate itinerary, property selections and ‘wow factors’ that best suit their needs.”

Malaka Hilton, CEO of Admiral Travel International, says that the company depends upon Distler for a wide range of necessities, from training independent contractors to marketing efforts and IT development and maintenance. “We know he can—and will—get the job done well…When I see some of our industry veterans asking Michael (the youngest member of our team) for input and advice, I know we are on the right track, and helping bring the next generation into the industry.”

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