Singita Stories: Inside the Place of Miracles

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New Insights Into the "World's Best"

Congratulations to Singita for being recognized this month by Travel +Leisure for operating the two of the "World's Best" hotels in South Africa, Singita Sabi Sand and Singita Kruger National Park.  Singita Sabi Sand was also voted "Best Safari Location" in the world!
"The lives of the people who work at Singita are inevitably entwined with the unspoiled wilderness in which our 12 lodges and camps can be found. Their stories weave through forests, over endless landscapes, and along flowing rivers, touching the lives of our guests and travellers along the way."
Singita has launched a new initiave to tell the story of their best and brightest. Called #SingitaStories, Singita is introducing the people who dedicate their lives to sharing their passion for Africa. Each tell their story through film – bringing their experiences to life in a way that inspires us not only to be better, but to live our ideals in our own homes and worlds.  
Reward yourself by spending a few minutes learning about the people of Singita and the value they bring to your experience on safari.  

A stay at Singita connotes a richness of experience from service that invites to tangible elements that matter.
  • Spending a minimum of 5 hours per day on game drive, your experience in the vehicle is paramount. Singita's vehicles are specially outfitted for comfort and practicality. In order to preserve the tranquility of the bush, your guide monitors field activity through an earpiece so the static and radio conversation is at a minimum.  
  • Designed to touch the earth lightly, the luxurious suites at Singita Sweni are designed to break down without a trace of their existence. Hard to believe this place where comfort, beauty and utility artfully converge is intended to ultimately disappear.
  • Focused squarely on conservation, the environmental team in the Sabi Sand oversees anti-poaching measures as well as the integrity of the reserve’s plant-life and wildlife, fire management, the prevention of erosion, water management, the building of roads, and ensuring minimal impact caused by the presence of the lodges.
  • Dedicated to community development and sustainability, Singita's enrichment projects provide access to services, education and tools to achieve a better standard of living.  The Cooking School, for example, enables selected students to gain a Professional Cookery Qualification and commence work within a Singita lodge kitchen or at other lodges within the Kruger Park. 
Contact us to learn more about planning a custom Singita Safari.  Call 941.951.1801 or email   
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