Thank You for Checking In on Admiral Travel during Hurricane Irma

Creation Date September 14, 2017 // Posted in: Latest News, Featured Articles

Advisors are Available • Partner Resorts Reporting In

Thank you to our many guests and colleagues across the country and around the world who reached out with care and concern for our local team as well as clients in Sarasota and throughout Florida this past week. The Admiral Travel team is thankfully safe and sound following Hurricane Irma.

While our hearts go out to all those dramatically affected by Hurricane Irma, we are relieved to report most of our Caribbean and Florida partners fared well and continue to send us daily updates.

For our partners that had major impact, we are ready to send our guests as soon as you are up, running and ready to receive in true Virtuoso style!

We are tremendously fortunate the agency has not been affected. The ATI team was in first thing Tuesday morning to assist all of our affected guests who were either flying to their vacation destination or returning. We will be closed on Friday, September 15 so that our team can focus on their homes (many still without power) as well as putting their houses back together. With that said, despite the office being closed on Friday, the team continues to be available to serve you. Please simply contact your advisor by cell phone or email in case of emergency.

Our thoughts continue to be focused on those affected by the storm. We will share more updates as we receive them, understanding our partners in South Florida and the Caribbean will be reporting in as quickly as possible.

We each look forward to spending the day in our local community showing our unwavering support for Sarasota by shopping and dining locally and proving that small business matters!
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