The Hiltons' First Look at Mukul

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Family Vacation to Ultra-Luxe Resort in Nicaragua

Last week, Malaka and Ryan Hilton’s family unearthed a secret. The owners of Admiral Travel International discovered a land “hidden away for centuries” as they arrived at Mukul Resort along Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast. While the Hiltons enjoyed traveling with their pre-teen and teenage children during spring break, they came away from the trip with an true understanding and appreciation for this emerging destination which is becoming increasingly popular for families, couples, retirees and all who love luxury, nature and relaxation.  
While we wouldn’t want to share ALL the secrets of Mukul, Ryan Hilton has shared just a few of his personal thoughts about this special stretch along Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast: 
“The resort setting is exceptional. Overlooking Bahia Manzanillo and the shimmering blue waters of the Pacific beyond. Guests (the few guests you’ll encounter as this is a small boutique resort) have the entire Manzanillo Beach to themselves all day – every day - to indulge in some serious hammock swinging or napping relaxation in a beach-side Palapa under swaying coconut palms. For the more adventurous traveler, there is a surf school offering boogey boarding and surfing to introduce you to the world-class waves.
Others enjoy hiking trails in the hills and mountain biking the terrain to take in the awe-inspiring views of the surrounding area. The David McLay Kidd-designed golf course is world renowned as well; he has worked the course wonderfully and thoughtfully into this unique location with an emphasis on preserving and presenting the pristine natural environment.
The modern guestrooms are spacious, tastefully and colorfully decorated and include all the amenities a traveler would expect from a luxury resort rising in prominence in this region.”
To learn more about Mukul Resort, click here

To speak with your Admiral Travel Advisor about booking your next journey and experiencing the magic of Mukul personally, contact our office at 941-951-1801. 

Photos by Ryan Hilton 
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