Nicole Matthews, CSEP
Affiliate Luxury Travel Advisor

Nicole Matthews, CSEP

The ball started rolling for Experience Recess after self-produced events, such as Sex & The City, Sales & Cocktails and President Obama's Inauguration.  Likewise, concierge clients started requesting getaways and stay-cations.

When Nicole realized that what clients liked was the unique "experience" that various events offered, without having to plan a detail, she decided to fulfill those requests through affiliating with Admiral Travel for our similar vision of unique travel.

"People still want to have fun and to play," says Nicole. "They just don't have the time to research, coordinate and execute the logistics that it takes to plan something different."

Through Experience Recess, Nicole wants to give everyone permission to play more and to create the life they desire.  "See you on the playground of life!"

You can visit Nicole's blog or follow her on Pinterest.

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