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Meet Londolozi Chef Anna Ridgewell in Sarasota This November

October 24, 2013 // Posted in: Latest News

Meet Londolozi Chef Anna Ridgewell in Sarasota This November
Wine Tasting & Interactive Dinner: November 7th and 8th
Join Admiral Travel in Welcoming Chef Anna Ridgewell from South Africa's Londolozi Game Reserve to Sarasota Admiral Travel is pleased to sponsor Londolozi Game Reserve Executive Chef Anna Ridgewell as she journeys from South Africa to Sarasota in November to host multiple events in partnership with Michael’s On East and Michael’s Wine Cellar. Michael Klauber, co-proprietor of the restaurant and adjacent wine store,...

Travel News & Partner Offers

August 26, 2013 // Posted in: Latest News, Featured Articles

Travel News & Partner Offers
What A Travel Summer!
We hope you have enjoyed a great summer filled with memorable experiences. For Admiral Travel International and the Hilton Family, this was our busiest travel season yet!  From the Baltic to the Basque Country, Greece and South Africa, it was our pleasure to experience so many different places in the world with family, friends and new travelers.  Read about our summer travels.   

Ryan Hilton Conde Nast Top Travel Specialist for 10 Years

July 29, 2013 // Posted in: Latest News, Featured Articles

Ryan Hilton, Family Safari, Top Travel Specialist Since 2003
2013 Top Travel Specialist, Family Safaris
Congratulations to Safari Specialist Ryan Hilton for being named to Conde Nast Traveler's Top Specialist list for the 10th year in a row!  Ryan takes great care to match travelers with the ideal safari, maximizing their goals, available time, priorities and expectations of the experience.  He is recognized now for the tenth consecutive year for engaging travelers with creativity and suggestions to enhance...

Sarasota Style "Travel Roundtable"

July 25, 2013 // Posted in: Featured Articles

Sarasota Style "Travel Roundtable"
By Gayle Guynup
Malaka Hilton, CEO of Admiral Travel International shares her insights with Sarasota-Herald Tribune Style Magazine editor Gayle Guynup "Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a once-a-year vacationer, I think you will agree that few industries have undergone as many changes as the travel industry.  We talked to three area travel agencies to get their perspectives on exactly what travelers can expect in the coming...

Virgin Galactic

April 19, 2013 // Posted in: Latest News, Featured Articles

Virgin Galactic
Your Journey into Space Starts With Admiral Travel
By Max Winitz, ABC 7 WWSB Sarasota Are you ready for an out of this world experience for an out of this world price? Look no further. Admiral Travel International is offering tickets on board Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic in to outer space. The travel agency is one of only several others around the globe offering tickets. "Knowing that this is open to anyone is very important. This is a tremendous milestone," said...

Ryan Hilton: 2012 Conde Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist

November 01, 2012 // Posted in: Latest News, Featured Articles

Ryan Hilton: 2012 Conde Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist
Recognized for Expertise in Safari For 9th Consecutive Year
Safari Specialist Ryan Hilton has been named as one of Wendy Perrin’s 2012 Top Travel Specialists in Condé Nast Traveler – an honor readers have bestowed on him since 2003.  This year, his specialty in working with families and multi-generational travelers is being acknowledged. A native Zimbabwean and former safari guide at Londolozi, one of the pioneering game lodges in South Africa’s ecotourism...

Malaka Hilton: 2012 Top Agent A-List

October 01, 2012

Malaka Hilton: 2012 Top Agent A-List
Egypt Specialist Malaka Hilton A-Listed by Travel+Leisure
Congratulations to Egypt Specialist Malaka Hilton, who was recognized again by Travel + Leisure for the 8th consecutive year among the "World's Top Travel Agents." It's always been an honor to be recognized, but this year in particular, her dedication to Egypt and innovation amidst the backdrop of a post-revolutionary landscape really shines through. Excited about: Post-revolution Egypt and what it means for her...

Egypt, One Year Later: Unrest Slows Recovery

February 13, 2012 // Posted in: Featured Articles

Egypt, One Year Later: Unrest Slows Recovery
By Nick Verrastro for Travel Market Report
Excerpts From Ms. Hilton "Be honest and objective with your clients about travel to Egypt in the face of the ongoing unrest there," advised Egypt specialist Malaka Hilton, owner and president of Admiral Travel International in Sarasota, Fla. When clients ask, agents should provide “an educated response, versus one that may come from their own fears,” Hilton told Travel Market Report. “Too often we...

For savvy travelers, the Middle East still beckons

February 01, 2012 // Posted in: Featured Articles

By Katia Hetter, Special to CNN Travel
STORY HIGHLIGHTS Clashes in Syria and Egypt have some travelers worried about the entire region. Countries such as Oman and the United Arab Emirates are safe and calm, experts say. Some agents set clients up with trusted guides and drivers for extra security. The Mideast region may not be a good fit for nervous travelers, travel agents say.

Without Intervention, Lions Heading for Extinction

March 02, 2011 // Posted in: Featured Articles

Terry Gross Interviews Dereck and Beverly Joubert, Fresh Air, WHYY
In 1960, there were 400,000 lions living in the wild. Today, there are just 20,000. "That represents a 90 to 95 percent decline," says National Geographic explorer-in-residence Dereck Joubert. "Unless we start talking about this, these lions will be extinct within the next 10 or 15 years." Joubert and his wife, Beverly, have lived among populations of big wild cats for decades. Based in Botswana, the filmmakers...

Port Ghalib On New York Times' 41 Places To Go In 2011

January 06, 2011 // Posted in: Featured Articles

Port Ghalib On New York Times' 41 Places To Go In 2011
By Shivani Vora for The New York Times
Port Ghalib, Egypt: A low-key beach escape with clear water and sea creatures. The once unspoiled beauty and calm of Sharm el-Sheikh, on the Red Sea in Egypt, has suffered from an influx of tourists (not to mention a recent series of shark attacks). Those looking to skip the crowds should turn to Port Ghalib, across the Red Sea from Sharm, on the eastern Egyptian coast. Ghalib’s beaches offer soft, snow-hued sand and translucent...

Malaka's Excellent Adventure

February 01, 2010 // Posted in: Featured Articles

Malaka's Excellent Adventure
By Ruth Lando, Style Magazine
Malaka Hilton is known for her chutzpah. “I’m not afraid of being turned down,” the Admiral Travel International founder and co-owner admits. “What’s the worst that someone can say, ‘no’? I’ve asked celebrity chefs to do trips and they’ve said no. I don’t go into a corner and cry. I say ‘OK,’ and go on to the next one.” Hilton is fearless, whether she’s...

Michael Distler Among "Top 30 Under 30"

November 20, 2009 // Posted in: Featured Articles

Michael Distler Among "Top 30 Under 30"
Recognized by Travel Agent Magazine
Distler grew up with a passion for travel, and after graduating with a double major in Business Management and Hospitality from Florida State University, he was trained by Admiral Travel’s owners Ryan and Malaka Hilton, both highly regarded specialists for Egypt and Africa, respectively. “In this economy, many transaction-based agencies have been forced to close their doors, and it is the innovative...

Malaka Hilton Among "Top 25 Agents"

September 01, 2009 // Posted in: Featured Articles

Recognized By Travel Agent Magazine
What makes a top travel agent? Is it determination and drive? Knowledge about suppliers and destinations? Specialization? We asked travel agents to tell us what makes them a top agent. Among the criteria we considered were: • Sales volume • Travel Specialties and Destinations • Certifications • Associations and Affiliations • Examples of challenges they’ve overcome in the industry...
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