Sarasota Style "Travel Roundtable"

Creation Date July 25, 2013 // Posted in: Featured Articles

By Gayle Guynup

Travel Ruondtable_Style Magazine_July 2013

Malaka Hilton, CEO of Admiral Travel International shares her insights with Sarasota-Herald Tribune Style Magazine editor Gayle Guynup

"Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a once-a-year vacationer, I think you will agree that few industries have undergone as many changes as the travel industry.  We talked to three area travel agencies to get their perspectives on exactly what travelers can expect in the coming year." 

Read highlights from Malaka's comments or download the file for the full story.

  • What are some current trends in travel?
    MH: Active travel experiences, such as hiking Machu Picchu or climging Mount Kilimanjaro. Travelers are taking a year to "get into shape" for that adventure trip.  Also, mother/daughter trips with cooking classes.
  • What are three of the most popular destinations today and why?  What about destinations for families and multi-generational family trips?
    MH: Northern Spain is one of our most popular food-and-wine destinations, with more Michelin-starred restaurants in the Basque regions per square meter than any other destinaion in the world.  Southeast Asia is anothe rpopular destination offering diverse cultural elements in one trip.  Italy and Southern Africa are always popular for our office as we specialize in both of those areas, offering a range of experiences with privileged access, from Ferragamo-inspired fashion excursions, to amplified listening safaris, to sampling some of the world's most celebrated wines.  For families and other multi-generatonal groups, we are booking villas all over the world as well as cruise destinations globally.  We're seeing a spike in travel to Central and South America.  Nicaragua and Costa Rica offer easy access from Florida with great value.


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